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targeted to different needs and problems.

Be sure to download the important PDF files that explain how to take a hair sample and how to send it to our office for the analysis to take place.

Collect Hair Sample

Hair Health BASIC

Hair is made of many different molecules whose quantities vary based on metabolism, lifestyle, and care. If the number of these molecules drops, hair loses its health and beauty. The Hair Health Analysis helps restore hair beauty by identifying which compounds are lacking and recommending treatments to restore molecular balance.


Hair Health PLUS

In addition to the molecular analysis performed in the Hair Health Analysis, the Hair Health Analysis PLUS identifies contaminants within the hair follicle that have accumulated from pesticides or harmful molecules in beauty products. For example, compounds such as caffeine and vitamins are detected which suggests a high intake from diet and medications.


Hair Health PRODUCT

The perfect solution to the question, “Is this hair care treatment really working?” Find your ideal shampoo and hair care product by submitting samples after using each treatment. Hair is analyzed after each product and results are provided to determine the effects on hair nutrition, growth, hydration, stress, and energy.


Want to take the analyses one step further?

Contact us to learn about our VIP experience, the Hair Health ULTIMATE Analysis, featuring live consultations and personalized treatment plans.