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Ask Your Hair


Providing you with a personalized strategy to restore health and beauty to your hair through objective molecular analysis. We believe that everyone’s hair is unique and deserves a unique hair care approach.

“In order to restore hair beauty, it is necessary to know which compounds are lacking.”

The beauty industry would have you believe that each new “it” product is the right treatment for all. But, at Ask Your Hair, we know that there’s no perfect product for everyone. Hair study is a science of its own and as in every science there are still many questions that need to be answered. There is no perfect product, there is no full knowledge, there is always more to learn. So, we focus on individual recommendations and treatments to address individual deficiencies.



Most hair care products serve as short term fixes that artificially make your hair shine, but cause damage that will require other treatments to repair. This means you to fall into a cycle of remedies – addressing one problem but causing another. Through our research we have come to the conclusion that only the correct balance of molecules will result in healthy hair cells that will produce naturally beautiful hair strands.




Just as each person has a unique metabolism, the same is true for hair cells. Some need more energy, some more hydration, and some more trace elements to achieve optimum beauty and nutrition.

“This is why at Ask Your Hair we provide a unique approach for your unique hair.”

In addition to having different internal needs, everyone treats their hair differently. Which means that everything from how often they wash their hair, what products they use, how stressed they are, and even the levels of physical activity affects hair health.

Ask Your Hair offers three different hair analyses targeted to different needs and problems

Hair Health BASIC

Hair Health PLUS

Hair Health PRODUCT

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I love to try new hair products and treatments so I was excited to get my analysis. The “Hair Health BASIC Analysis” said I had quite healthy hair. A few months later I tried a “hair polishing treatment” that made my hair shiny at first, but difficult to style after a few weeks. I decided to get my hair analysed again, and it showed that my hair had lost most of its nutrition and hydration, while the stress had increased by 2.

After the results, my main aim became restoring my previous hair health. Now I am regularly using the “Hair Health PRODUCT Analysis” in order to check on my hair health and see if treatments are working or not.

Lucy M.

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