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Frequently Asked


Once the hair sample is received, it takes 10 days to analyse it and develop recommendations. Your personalized results will be sent as a PDF file to your email address upon completion.
We need a hair sample of the thickness of a match. Once you order the analysis, we’ll send you guidelines for how to collect your sample.

If you’re interested in the overall health of your hair, our “Hair Health Analysis” is a great place to start. Taking it one step further, the “Hair Health PLUS Analysis” looks at potential harmful molecules that you’re introducing to your body through hair products or food. If you’re not sure whether the hair care products you use are having a real effect on your hair, choose the “Choose the Right Product Analysis.

Take the Hair Quiz to determine the right analysis for you!

Hair Quiz
The results will be sent to your email in the form of a PDF file.
Yes, of course!

On a molecular level there is little difference between male and female hair. We need a minimum of two cm of hair, therefore it will be impossible to perform the analysis if males have very short hair. We have also performed analysis of beard upon request!

Yes, we analyse hair of people of all ages.
Taking the analysis once will show you where your hair is compared to healthy standards. However, the health of your hair will change depending on which hair products you use, daily stress, or even your diet. Therefore, we recommend analysing your hair any time these parameters change significantly.