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At Ask Your Hair, we are dedicated to helping people understand that hair health is linked to correct hair care, diet, and healthy products. While there is no shortage of information on hair care, most results are not tested scientifically, misinterpreted by the media, or focused on treating the symptoms like thinning or damaged hair instead of the causes. Our approach allows you to take the guesswork out of your haircare routine and stop using the trial and error method when it comes to addressing your hair health problems.

While working in the fields of molecular medicine, ageing and biotechnology, Molecular Biologist and Ask Your Hair founder, Anastasiya Dykyy, discovered that she could not easily determine how to properly take care of her hair. After thorough research, she found that there was not enough objective knowledge on the matter and that she was not alone in her quest for healthy hair care information. Determined to find a solution, she gathered a team of like-minded researchers from different fields of science – medicine, chemistry and nutrition – to work together in trying to objectively analyse hair follicles and understand what led to optimum health, nutrition, and beauty. Their work led to the development of the unique Hair Health Analysis currently offered by Ask Your Hair.



We strive to deliver personalized recommendations to the clients taking into account age, gender and lifestyle. We believe that personal communication and trust is very important in any business and therefore we develop treatments that are tailored to each individual client.
We aim to restore natural hair beauty and not to obtain short term remedies through artificial remedies and substances. We recommend our clients to try diverse natural remedies besides the common hair conditioners and masks and carefully test the commercial products to check they do not contain harmful molecules.
We are very proud to offer analyses performed on the latest scientific equipment. This means that the obtained results are objective and thus can be used to monitor hair health over time.



I am very insecure about how my hair looks and always try to make it as healthy as possible by trying different shampoos and products. Although I could sometimes notice a difference in how my hair looked, I was never sure whether this difference was positive. If my hair felt soft, did it mean it was better, or did it get thinner due to the treatment? I was really excited about trying the “Hair Health PRODUCT Analysis”. I chose three shampoos that were highly recommended by my friends and after the analysis saw how these affected my hair. I found out that one shampoo was pretty bad for me, while another one really increased my hydration. I have been using this shampoo for a while and I am very satisfied with the result!

Anna N.

At an age of 60+ health is my priority. After a long winter, I was taking various pills and vitamins to help me stay fit. However, I always felt under the weather. My friend recommended taking the “Hair Health PLUS Analysis”, as she had found through it that the hair products she used might have had a bad influence on her health. I took the analysis and the results really shocked me. My hair was filled with caffeine and vitamin B! The Ask Your Hair results explained that hair stores molecules we have in the blood, and that the high levels of vitamin and caffeine meant that I was overdosing with vitamins and bad quality medication. I stopped taking the vitamins and pills and after two weeks I started feeling better.

Veronica S.

I love to try new hair products and treatments so I was excited to get my analysis. The “Hair Health BASIC Analysis” said I had quite healthy hair. A few months later I tried a hair polishing treatment that made my hair shiny at first, but difficult to style after a few weeks. I decided to get my hair analysed again, and it showed that my hair had lost most of its nutrition and hydration, while the stress had increased by 2. After the results, my main aim became restoring my previous hair health. Now I am regularly using the “Hair Health PRODUCT Analysis” in order to check on my hair health and see if treatments are working or not.

Lucy M.